Gothics Mountain August2004


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This was the first time Sylvie, Dominic and I had ever gone for a hike together. We started together and then, according to plan, Dominic took off on his own leaving Sylvie and I together. We met up again on the summit.

Typical horsing around at the trailhead.

Here I'm pumping our drinking water through a filter. All water sources in North America are supposedly infected with Giardia so you either carry your full day's supply from the start or you pump. Water's heavy so I bought a pump.

The photos below show us on the steep approach trail to the summit ridge. The rock is quite smooth and the hiking trail has caused what soil there was to erode away completely. The vegetation was very thick and the moss, due to lots of rain, was a deep rich green.

Now we're up on the summit ridge and its a fairly steep climb. If you look carefully you'll notice 2 big steel pegs with eyes in the lower left corner of the 2nd photo of Sylvie. There used to be a cable you could hang on to but it was removed recently. The views kept opening up more and more.

I knew it was a tough climb but really.....

Dominic looks like an itinerant.

We spent over an hour on the summit lazing around, enjoying the view, playing the flute and eating.

I'm not sure what happened here... Anybody know a good dentist?

Eventually, it was time to leave. Our route back involved crossing over 2 other mountains and then a long hike following a river. It would be getting dark as we exited.

As we followed what is known as the Great Range we had the setting sun at our backs. The view was magnificent but the best pics would have been into the sun.

That's all for this hike. Bye for now.

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