Mt. COLDEN SLIDE July, 2004


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We had a beautiful day for this one. Dominic, Carole, Francois and I decided to try the Colden Slide. It is reputed to be steep.In fact, the information I gleaned from the web suggested 58 degrees. Based on the number of people who have done the slide I doubted very much that we would encounter inclines as severe as that. To get to the slide's base we hiked for a couple of hours. My info said that the slide almost abutted the trail and was visible from it. Sure enough, we eventually saw a 40 foot wide gash in the forested slopes above us that exposed the bedrock we hoped to climb up.

Here we're just getting into the base of the slide and aren't yet on the bare, exposed rock. Gaining altitude though.

After a half an hour on the lower slide we're there. And it did look quite steep. All eyes are turned to the slopes above and they do indeed look like 58 degrees.

Dominic spent a fair bit of his time sitting down waiting for us to catch up. He just completed a fairly steep pitch to the left of where he's sitting.

Steep climbing...The slope appears to be 45 degrees. Lots of use of hands.

I was the only one with telescopic trekking poles and I had them at their shortest. I leaned on them a lot and the tips held the rock very firmly. Dom as usual is waiting.

Nothing like a sea of peaks to brighten up the day!

Dom looks like he's been impaled on the mountain.

Am I there yet?

Guess who got there first?

Sweet victory!

After spending some time on the summit savouring the climb we descended the marked trail 2000 steep vertical feet to the valley bottom. We chose a route that brought us to Avalanche Lake and soaked our feet in the cool water. I got some great echos from the rock walls. As for the 58 degrees there was one section that was very steep. The average incline was more like 45 however. The rock itself was excellent quality and our boots gripped very securely.

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