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Mount Prospect, MA 03-07-19

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  • Mount Prospect, MA 03-07-19

    Hiked Mount Prospect, MA for the first time with friends Sam and Pat. Mount Prospect is in the Mount Greylock Sate Reservation. We went up via the Money Brook trail and were for a short time on the AT passing through Wilber's Clearing and stopping for a rest at the shelter. After climb past the viewpoint and ridge to the summit we descended to the valley and out. It was a nice day while we hiked, weather came in later. We wore snowshoes the whole day. Less than 6" snow at the start but there was full coverage. On the ridge not a foot of powder snow unless you hit a drift but the coverage was full over a layer of crust. Some pictures attached.
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    Good view of Williamstown and Williams College from the viewpoint there, and of course towards the Taconics...

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