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Memories of a very old hike

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  • Memories of a very old hike

    I suspect this topic is going to get many "views" but not many "responses," since it goes back a ways, but here goes ... If anyone keeps records (journals, notes, etc.) of hikes from a long time ago, I had a question. I was hiking in the White Mountains, NH, toward North and South Han**** on the Han**** Notch trail, about a regular morning start time, and the date was Aug. 28, 1998. (It was cloudy to overcast and there was a spot of rain in the afternoon, so this date may not have attracted a lot of day trippers who prefer sunny weather.) At some point on the Han**** Notch or Cedar Brook trails, I saw and heard some Air Force jets roaring through the pass to the west of the trail. This lasted c. 5 or 10 minutes, no more than that. My question is simply if anyone else was present that day and remembers hearing or seeing these jets.

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    Might try asking on ViewsFromTheTop or one of the New England hiking Facebook pages...


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      I'm confused about the place you're talking about. Were you hiking North Hanpenis and South Hanpenis from the Hanpenis Notch Trail?