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Presidential Range Traverse; 2021-06-12

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  • Presidential Range Traverse; 2021-06-12

    I'm not one for the massive day trips but Trek4DM had invited me on this trip and since we were both training for a summer Colorado journey I couldn't resist.

    Our route was from North to South. Starting at Appalachia to Valley Way to Watson Path direct to Mt Madison. From Mt Madison to Mt Adams via Star Lake. From then on the trail (name?) without bypasses over Mount Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce. Then on to Jackson and Webster.

    It was great weather for our trip. Cool and cloudless to start then changing to between mostly sunny to partly cloudy through the day.

    Since we went on a Saturday it was crowded as some pictures show. There was a fast group on our track that made long stops at Madison, Adams, and Jefferson such that when we arrived they were still there and we had to take the less desirable places for our break. So note to others. Go on a weekday if you can. My group couldn't go on a weekday; so, I just had to go with it.

    I thought the longest bit was the 1 mile trip to Mount Washington off the Crawford Path. I attribute this to big building at the top that dominated my view. On top we stopped for a break at the cafeteria. I had the chowder. I didn't take any pictures of the top. It's forgettable. A long line at the marker prevented us from getting in line for a picture opportunity.

    At Mount Washington the major climbing is finished. But still a long way to go to Mount Webster and down to Crawford Notch. I'd say if you don't need to don't go to Jackson and Webster don't. Because the trail back to Crawford Notch is pretty rough and a pain in the neck at the end of the day. I actually had done it once but others hadn't so I doubled up. If I'd had a choice for a second trip to to Webster I'd have rather climbed the trail that climbs up along the side of Webster Cliff. From the Webster Cliffs I believe we saw the Mount Willey slide and Willey House where a famous disaster occurred.

    Other things I looked forward to was the Alpine Flora. The Big Three (as AMC calls them) were blooming. Diapensia in full bloom, Lapland Rosebay in full bloom, and Alpine Azalea a mix of just starting to fully bloomed. Several flowers I didn't know. And some we see in the Adirondacks too such as Cotton Sedge, Deer's Hair Sedge, Goldthread.

    For birders out there I heard 5 Bicknell's Thrush singing. And also singing a multitude of Swainson's Thrush and Blackpoll Warblers, and White Throated Sparrows some singing the new song. Unfortunately no time to spend sighting any though I did see a little Slate Gray Junco hopping around at the Mizpa Hut. We also saw some Ravens - great flyers those birds are. And a military bird, a jet of the same type we've seen overflying the Adirondacks.

    It was a good pace for me. Well, I say good for me it was since I was never taxed, didn't tire, didn't get cramps. Total time was 16-1/2 hours for the c.24 mile trip.


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    great trip report, and excellent bird sightings! I really want to come back at this time of the year just to enjoy the flora.

    adding on Webster is an extra special flavor to the traverse, well done!
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      Well done !


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        What??? the trail back to Crawford notch after webster/jackson reminded me of the rocks and rooty trails of the ADK/Catskills... :-)

        Sounds like a nice day!

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