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Looking for suggestions in the White Mountains...

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  • Looking for suggestions in the White Mountains...

    Camping at Sugarloaf Campground next summer. I’ve done all the 4000’ peaks. I’m looking for shorter interesting hikes near that area.
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    You might want to look into the NE HH.


    • mtrunr
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      I have 80/100 NE HH
      Also a 111er
      Really looking for short fun hikes I can do with my Grandsons ages 3 and 4. They’re good for around 5 miles rt.

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    Here are a couple of interesting New Hampshire hiking challenges;
    • 52 With A View
    • The Terrifying 25


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      Apart from the one that's in the campground's backyard ( ) there are a number of hiking options listed here


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        The Welch Dickey loop is about 5 miles and offers a lot of bang for your buck. One of our favorite hikes.


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          how about the sugarloaves themselves, if that is the campground I am thinking of? is this at the start of Zealand road? these 2 little mountains (North and Middle) are about 3.5 miles, fantastic views.

          ETA: the Zealand road is closed in winter and I am not quite sure how far out is the trailhead for the sugarloaf trail.
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            Hale is only 4 miles round trip.
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