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  • Northern Presidentials Oct-Nov

    I was thinking of heading to the Whites soon in order to hike various trails up and down off of the Northern Presis. Over the years I have done the following trails (some up some down): Osgood, Valley Way, Sphinx, Crawford, Lowes path, Castellated Ridge, Star Lake Trail, Buttress Trail and the Huntington Ravine Trail, which was my and Sylvie's first ever hike in the NE roughly 40 years ago! I have also done a Presi Traverse. (Valley Way, AT, Crawford)

    Any suggestions and advice? I'm expecting ice but would prefer to avoid anything too dicey.

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    You didn't mention the Six Husbands Trail, which is probably the most spectacular way up Jefferson. There's a ledge halfway up where you seem to be floating in the middle of the Great Gulf. But it does have dicey bits in the upper half. And since you mention Huntington Ravine, which isn't quite Northern Presidentials, two of my favorite hikes are to go up from the Pinkham Notch Visitor Ctr to the Alpine Garden (either by Nelson Crag, Huntington, or Lion's Head), around the top of Tuckerman Ravine, across the Bigelow Lawn, and down the Boott Spur Trail -- and on the other side of the Presidentials, a hike up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to the hut (you can make a side trip from there to Monroe), up towards Washington, over to Clay, and down the Jewell Trail (I say "towards Washington" because I would take the cutoff to avoid the summit with its crowds, fast food, and piped music). Boott Spur is up there with Adams near the top of my favorite Whites list. And if you're willing to go across to the other side of Pinkham Notch, there are all kinds of great hikes on the Carters, many with amazing views of the Presidentials. The best for views overall is Mt Hight, but Moriah has a stunning view (from a distance) straight up the Great Gulf. I suspect you'll get many more suggestions.


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      Three loops:

      Starting from Appalachia Rt 2, to Mt. Adams by King Ravine Trail the most Rocky Mountainesque terrain in the Whites (do Subway for kicks); exit by Spur Trail, RMC Crag Camp and down

      Starting from Dolly Copp Rd. (Pinkham B) ascend Howker Ridge trail to Mt. Madison; down Watson Path and Kelton Trail back to start

      Starting from just below Cog station on the Base Road accessed from Rt 302, parking in the WMNF parking lot, take Jewell Link to Boundary Line Tr., up Jefferson Notch Rd. to Caps trailhead, ascend Caps Ridge to Jefferson, south on Gulfside to Clay Loop Tr. to Mt. Clay summit, south a bit then head off-trail briefly to Gulfside/Jewell junction, descend west on Jewell Tr. Exquisite. More fun in reverse as you get to descend Caps. Best forecast.


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        Last time I climbed Adams via Valley Way, Scar Trail, Air Line. Air Line is incredible, across the ravine from King Ravine Trail.