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Spring Conditions in the Catskills

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  • Spring Conditions in the Catskills

    Even though I grew up in PA and now live in the ADK, I never stepped foot on a trail in the Catskills despite living relatively close. I've hiked in just about every other mountain range east of the Rockies and many places out west, but somehow the Catskills still elude me. Sometime in the next season, I would like to backpack the full stretch of the Catskills on the Long Path. Yes I know it varies year to year but when are the higher elevations in the Catskills typically free of snow and hikable without causing damage? Is there a mud season like the North Country? Is there a black fly season? Where I grew up in PA black flies and mud weren't problems like further north, I don't know if the Catskills have these problems like the ADK and would like feedback. Is Mid May typically safe?

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    Usually mid to end of April for snow, The LP is not known for mud. The bugs do what they want.


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      Black flies are usually out by mid-May, but not too bad yet, though hard to predict. Generally good conditions in May.
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