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Missing Dog on BLM

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  • Missing Dog on BLM

    This post was seen over on the Catskill Trail Conditions Facebook page (below in quotations copied over from the page), in case anyone planning on visiting Balsam Lake Mountain to keep an eye out.
    I do not know the person in any way, but as a doghiker I really hope Lelu is found soon.

    "Posting for my friend - Missing dog. Lelu (Lee-loo) is a 35 lb labradoodle. She is 13 years old. Missing since approximately 11:15 a.m. on 10/9. My friends were walking the Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Tower trail in Hardenburg and she wandered off about 1/4 to 1/2 mile before the fire tower. She is wearing a harness. No ID. Please share!
    Jen: +1 (425) 652-2020
    James: +1 (415) 990-1211"

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    Found today thanks to tower stewards on their day off.


    • bikerhiker
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      Good to hear good news.
      Were these stewards the BLM tower stewards?

    • mudhook
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      yes! yours truly and M&M