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Primitive campsites near McKenley Hollow Leanto

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  • Primitive campsites near McKenley Hollow Leanto

    Are there primitive camp sites near McKenley Hollow leanto? My experience with Catskill leantos is they are occupied by mice. I'd prefer not to have mice crawling over me all night. I'm interested in doing a CAD hike during the almost strawberry supermoon this weekend with an overnight stay. Also any info about thunder box or out house is appreciated as well. TIA

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    Yes, several.


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      I didn't find any of the primitive sites. Perhaps they are overgrown. A map at trailhead shows a designated site 2/3 of the way to lean to, but I never noticed it coming or going. I saw a couple sites from the Rider Hollow side a couple months ago, but none from the McKenley Hollow side this trip. I stayed in the leanto.

      I had a mouse in my bag before I even had a fire going. After a restless night sharing the leanto with mice I packed up and left at 4:30 a.m.

      The trail up to Balsam and back is in good shape with no blowdown that I recall. There are nettles encroaching the trail a bit in places.

      It was a nice night in the woods even with the unwelcome company.


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        I'm glad somebody else shares my sentiment about lean tos and mice. I've never slept in a lean-to and probably never will for the same reason Joe states.... I don't want mice crawling all over me or going in my pack and eating my stuff. Call me a sissy, but zip me into a tent or hammock any day of the week.
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          Originally posted by maphiker View Post
          Yes, several.
          Sorry, my bad. I was thinking of some place else.