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    I'm trying to collect a good list of spots with primitive camping sites nearby (~100 yards or so) parking. I have two small kids that are just starting (and loving) to spend time out in the woods, but our range for walking and carrying gear is still pretty limited. They are two and three years old.

    We had a great time at Kelly Hollow a month ago, finding a nice secluded site not far from the trailhead parking and I'd love to hear about others that people may have used or noticed in their travels. Anyone have a spot to recommend?

    Many Thanks.

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    Allaben primitive sites just off NY Rt 28 between Shandaken and Phoenicia.
    Dozen or so free drive-up sites and nothing too glamorous, but on a summer saturday night two years ago i had no trouble getting a good site that was open right on the access rd (i think there were at least a couple other good sites with minimal car-to-tent site walking open there that night). Good spot for accessing a lot of the catskills.

    I know there is another decent looking one out Denning Rd toward the trailhead, though i got out and scoped it on the way to the trailhead i havent camped at that one, but thats another where its a stone's toss from car to tent.
    Definitely do a search on this forum cause i know its been discussed last couple years.
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