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Doubletop and Graham to re-open (with conditions) on 05/15/2020

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  • Doubletop and Graham to re-open (with conditions) on 05/15/2020

    From the Catskill 3500 Club - - -

    Hello fellow hikers,

    With New York moving into a phased reopening, the Club Board is slightly revising our guidance to members. The situation is changing, as we all know, so we will update this as needed.

    As responsible hikers, please continue to follow the NYS guidelines for your area and beyond and recreate local to avoid the spreading of the virus. While there is no formal guidance by the state, the Club is defining local as under an hour.

    If the high peaks are local for you:
    • Hike with social distancing always in mind and use face masks when encountering other hikers
    • Avoid crowded trailheads and be prepared for alternatives
    • PLEASE know your abilities, conditions and limits. DO NOT assume you will be rescued and choose appropriately based on what your comfort level is. Questions to ask yourself. If you are doing a bushwhack do you have enough map reading abilities to get out if your GPS fails? Does your pack have first aid supplies and could you spend a night in the woods if injured or lost? Most first responders are volunteers and the protocol to protect themselves in this time of COVID is serious, expensive and time consuming. Make your outdoor decisions wisely and with that in mind.

    • Doubletop and Graham will be reopened on May 15 to LOCAL hikers only. You MUST get approval from the caretaker before hiking. Texting is preferred to phone calls – contact information is on our website. If you do not get approval and you are working on your 3500 member list, your summit will not be counted. DO NOT abuse the generosity of the private landowner of those mountains and only contact him if you fit the criteria.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Maria at
    Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness and conscientiousness.
    Catskill 3500 Club Board

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    Local means 2 hour round trip? Local to Graham and Doubletop is Arkville and Pine Hill. And "bushwhacking" is only social distancing when one person does their own bushwhack. This Gould property follow-the-Doubletop-herd-path-bushwhack, is the worst possible way to try and social distance hike, I think. Too many branches touched by multiple people. And then there's the rules, I assume, of signing the register, and the canister. I think, if you're going to exclude people, do it right. Don't do it to fit your own "needs".
    I might be kidding...


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      I think the caretaker considered local was Ulster Greene Sullivan Delaware, Schoharie Otsego, there's a list on one of the FB sites.


      • CatskillKev
        CatskillKev commented
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        At the least, I'd take out Otsego and Schoharie. Richfield Springs in northern Otsego County is 2 hours away. There is basically no part of Otsego that is less than one hour away.

      • mudhook
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        Its his or the Gould family call.

      • CatskillKev
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        OK, got it. It was confusing, the mix of recommendations from the Club, and from the landowner, since apparently they differ.