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Hunter parking area?

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  • Hunter parking area?

    Does anyone know if the parking area for Hunter/Rusk off of Spruceton Road is plowed yet. A small group of us are going there tomorrow (12/6); just wondering what to expect....

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    I haven't seen any reports yet but it is a lot that gets plowed by the DEC. I saw a bunch of reports from last night on FB that alerted that the lots started being cleared out - they included Shaft Rd parking and Halcott from Rt 42. Somebody also posted a trip report for West Kill from Diamond Notch and they didn't say anything about digging out a spot for the car. I think you will be fine.
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      OK, Thanks!!


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        Yes, it was plowed at noon, as were the other lots on Spruceton Rd. No tracks from the Hunter lot, a faint track towards the falls.
        And what time are you starting, I may be able to avoid work.
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          Always bring a shovel this time of year! We have a phenomenon called WIND!
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            Wind and more snow/rain, the lot was getting sloppy early this afternoon.


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              and by wed/thurs of this week, it will probably be ICE


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