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10-4-19 DEC Announces Temporary Closure of a Section of Devil's Path/Long Path Trail

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    A month gone by.

    Is this trail still closed? I'm not a Catskill hiker, but I would guess this is a big loss for Catskill hikers. Any target date to fix this mess that Albany made?


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      Still closed


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      Good news. The trail is open again!!
      From a Catskill 3500 Club post on Facebook - -

      Twin Mountain Update!

      The DEC has been in touch and let us know that the Devil's Path is now open again and the west side of Twin is completely traversable. The remaining rungs were removed and a reroute was put in place. Photos are attached.
      The DEC said that "the reroute was built in the character of what one expects to find when hiking the Devils Path while also providing a safer route around the compromised rock face."


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        Encouraging. Maybe they will learn something?

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      Gees. Wow. is that the first workaround, sorry...reroute, DEC has put in around a challenging section of trail, or is there something else comparable to this?
      Is the cornell crack going to get an official reroute?

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        Well, they have put switchbacks in places, mostly for erosion control I think. And if you include Kaaterskill Falls, they did a LOT there.

        The East side of Indian Head did see some trail work to make a difficult section a little easier.

        The West side of Sugarloaf is comparable to this area of Twin. There is a steep icy section in Winter, and the tree(s) are stressed out there too. There is a go-around, but it's not a whole lot easier.

        The increase of hiker traffic has lead to more incidents, so I think we can expect to see more of this in the future.
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          The prudent thing to do is to upgrade these sections of trail before they become so badly eroded they are dangerous and/or ruined. Yes that section of Twin is desperately in need of some work.


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            "the character of what one expects to find when hiking the Devils Path" = an eroded mess of trails that become more and more difficult to safely traverse.


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              No, not really, rocky and a scramble is what's being kept up in this case.

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            I climbed to Twin Mt today via Pecoy Notch and this reroute.

            The reroute starts maybe 10 yards on the downhill side of the 'old' route. A couple of steps up then back following the base of the cliff band leads to a weakness, a slot. Some large but not too large steps later and your through to the top. The consequences of a fall are greatly reduced, at least an order of magnitude. Small amount of flat stones were put down too, probably to harden some soft sections. Too bad this wasn't scoped out in the first place.

            Pretty good improvement. I've climbed Twin more than any other Catskill 35 and this reroute is much better way to climb through this cliff band with respect to the consequences of a fall.

            As others have said there are still plenty of places to get hurt while hiking and on the Devil's Path in particular.

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              Sounds pretty good.

              I'm sure we'll never find out, but I wonder who the jackass was who dreamed up the iron rungs, when this obvious reroute was only ten yards away from the existing trail?

              My money says it was an office creature who has never set foot in the woods. Any of you locals could have shown this reroute to DEC in a minute, if they chose to ask you...


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                It was mentioned at the CPAC meeting last week, during the presentation given by the DEC (go to Catskill 3500 Club Facebook page to see more on the presentation, which went into a great detail as to how this trail work came to be) that the idea of the rungs originated with the company that was responsible for the trail work. The company, Tahawus, has lots of experience in trail working in parks and such, and not in the wilderness (to the best of my knowledge). Their experience is something that I gathered by googling their work and by going through their website, not from any comments made by the DEC.

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              I always thought that iron rungs are an excellent solution for preventing erosion around these types of rocky scrambles. They are also lots of fun to climb on. Anybody ever hiked in Acadia National Park, the precipice trail or the beehive trail?

              At least I hope we can agree that destruction of public trails is very serious and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

              I am happy that a solution to this problem has been found.