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  • Catskill weekend

    My wife and I (and 18 month old and dog) just booked a VRBO for early Aug,; 3 nights near Bearsville. This trip is part mini-family-vacation and part bagging of the two 4k peaks. We're planning to hike whichever are the two nicer weather days and do whatever else there is to do in the area (be tourists) for the rest of the time. Neither of us has ever been to this part of NY before.

    Slide Mountain via a ccw loop looks like it might have some views along the long path ridge approach.
    Hunter by Becker Hollow out and back? The little guy doesn't do great in the backpack beyond 5-6 miles so we won't be able to do anything too much longer.

    Seems like the Railroad Museum might be interesting and Katerskill Falls would be good too. Buddhist Monastery? Opus 40?

    Places to Swim?
    Can't miss local stuff?

    Thanks all in advance!

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    Bump-- heading out tomorrow.


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      The Falls for sure... the monastery is pretty cool (Overlook Mountain right across the street). Woodstock is an interesting stroll.