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Vernooy Falls Camping

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  • Vernooy Falls Camping

    last time I was at Vernooy Falls in 2013 there were a couple of designated camp sites along the creek near the junction and 1 large one in the field just before the junction. Has anybody been there recently and know if the designated sites are still there?

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    There are multiple designated sites, including likely the ones you remember. There's one very popular spot right near the parking area on Trails End Rd. Will you be approaching from Trails End or Upper Cherrytown? Trails End Rd is a shorter hike to the falls and mostly flat. From Upper Cherry Town it is a bit longer and has a little elevation gain.

    Watch out for rattlesnakes. A friend saw one there two days ago.
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      Thanks 11th. Was planning on coming in from upper cherry town rd. Might come in from the other way. Never came in from trails end rd.


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        Someone was bitten by a rattlesnake there 7-1-2019. They had to be airlifted out. Watch where you walk !
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