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Beware of Dog, revisited.

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  • Beware of Dog, revisited.

    Thread deletion quite apparently occurred with my first public service announcement, So, I'll try to rephrase my public safety concern, The house that is across the road from Winnisook Lake housed a white dog a couple of days ago, He or she is loud and in my opinion could cause harm to an innocent hiker. I would make sure that you have a stick with you, if not poles. Going into Spring, and the likelihood dropping of people having poles, could make this worse, Do I know he will go straight to you without? No. I would recommend warning him or her before you get there, because he or she is very territorial-acting. Of course, the stick might be enough, and sneeking by could save a lot of noise. Or maybe you could try your " Oh he's so cute", or not look him in the eyes, I didn't try these techniques, Pretty scary situation if the owners don't come out.

    I do think I had him backing up at one point, so he might be a scaredy cat, but he's definitely a level up from one that you'd want to chase under the porch.:-)
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    I might be kidding...

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    Thanks. I don't see a problem with letting people know there is a potential problem. I like dogs, but only to a certain point. I don't go after them, but when they come at me with an attitude, I will defend myself.


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      Thank you for your continued support.

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    That dog scared us one day a year or two ago. We were doing a Woodland Valley, Burroughs Range, Giant Ledge/Panther, and out to Fox Hollow traverse. The dog ran out to us and almost got hit by a car. It ended up being non-aggressive, and followed us until we got onto the Winnisook easement path. But it definitely scared the crap out of me as it raced towards us. Sounds like maybe the dog has gotten more aggressive and mean since we met him or her.


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      Well I guess a few hard core people walking by once in a while does not make it necessary to tie this dog up.

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    This is OK, threats and references to violence aren't.


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      I love dogs but am not a "dog person" per se.

      As someone on this forum once said ( I forget who.)

      "Just because you love your dog, doesn't mean I do."

      To be quite honest, In my whole short hiking career I've unfortunately ran into waaaay more people/ unleashed dog owners pulling the "he/she's such a cutie pie, don't worry about it" routine.

      Hard to trust when the animal seems borderline foaming.



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        I am a dog person. But when I am hiking with my dog, I keep him from running up to people. He's small, and super friendly, and has never hurt anything. But I understand that not everyone is a dog person, as Salt says.

        Now I like to have fun with dogs. When I meet a dog on the trail, I generally play with it; sometimes I'll get down and play like a dog with it. And through the decades, I've gotten one or two minor nips as a result. Doesn't bother me.

        But I totally understand not everyone wants to interact with dogs this way. And regardless of how friendly the dog is, there's NO excuse for letting your dog come running up to people who might be scared of it. It's bad for the people, and potentially bad for the dog.


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          I am 100% with this.
          I understand my girl Rory is super-protective of me, and I know I cannot fully predict what she will do in every instance with other hikers or their dogs, so I will just not take that chance. If she is out and about with me I out-front warn everyone I meet how protective she is, and she could possibly be nippy if she was uncertain of the other persons or dogs, I am working on this with her and cant wait til there is absolutely no doubts. But for now, im not taking that chance. While I have had Rory off-leash on adventures for certain reasons like other dog owners, she is never loose near junctions/blind spots/rest break areas/etc. i cannot stand when dog owners let their's loose and let them blindly run ahead, especially around junctions or "blind" areas where other dog owners and their's might be taking a break, and to have their completely strange dog sprint up to me and Rory without them present, and then for them to say "its ok, he/she is friendly". Well....they don't know me or Rory, and Rory is protective AF and does not know your dog and will protect me from it if she feels the need to. What are they thinking? If Rory went at this strange dog that ran up to us due to protect-mode, whose fault would any negative interactions or injuries that resulted be, regardless of how "friendly" or "nice" their dog is? Just seems like a dangerous lack of common sense to me.
          I think having this happen to me several times the last 2 years allows me to respect the opinion of hikers who do not have dogs with them or do not like experiencing dogs on the trails. (Also, there was the forum member last year in the catskills who was actually physically attacked by a dog while on trail.) Its bad enough to be a trail-dog person to have another's dog sprint up to me, i cant imagine being someone who does not like dogs, or at least does not have theirs with them on the trails, and having a strange dog sprint up to them like i have had done to me.

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        People who say, "My dog is friendly", are probably referring to their dog in its usual environment, in or around its house or yard. Take the dog out of that setting and put it in the wilderness, where there are lots of new smells, and creatures, and people with sticks, etc., and you quite possibly have a different dog.
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          Absolutely agree... and I am a dog owner and lover my whole life.

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        I would like to put this to rest about my first post being a threat. I went hiking today with my friends around me, Panther, Slide, Cornell and Wittenberg, of course, and then it occurred to me, that Mudhook may have misunderstood one thing I said. Now I know I mentioned a couple of borderline things, but as far as a threat, I didn't feel like that was called for. So I think when I said that the owner said he was sorry and I said in my post that "we'll see how sorry". This may be the implied threat that Mudhook heard, It was supposed to mean that we'll see as hikers if this dog still comes out to the road and harasses. That is all.
        I might be kidding...