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Slide - Cornell - Wittenberg 2/21/2021

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  • Slide - Cornell - Wittenberg 2/21/2021

    We (three hikers and one dog) spotted a vehicle at Woodland Valley Campground then took another vehicle over to the Slide Mountain Trailhead to start the hike. There were 24 vehicles at the trailhead and we lucked out getting the spot of two guys who completed their hike just as we were about to start ours.

    Well packed trail up to Slide and happy to see the vast majority of hikers had snowshoes on.

    We had to break trail from Slide to Cornell. The snow seemed deeper from Slide to the bottom of the col, maybe 8 inches deep. We lost the trail a time or two but quickly relocated it. Once we started up Cornell the snow depth seemed to decrease slightly to about 4 to 6 inches and a trench became visible and was easy to follow.

    The trail was broken from Cornell over to Wittenberg and down to Woodland Valley.

    Wore snowshoes the entire day except for the descent down the Cornell crack.

    We guesstimated that if the average occupancy of each car at Slide was two people, then we saw 48 people on our way up Slide. From Slide all the way to Woodland Valley we only encountered one more person.
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    We saw your truck! I was wondering if it may be anyone we know. I was supposed to join the traverse on the 15th but had to bail for a few reasons, and ended up splitting up Slide and W&C (which is what I hiked yesterday). My friends (a group of 4) who hiked the traverse on the 15th reported a good trench. then we had some rain and more snow but I bet it were the winds that had blown it all in. Anyway, I hiked Slide on Sat and it was ridiculously busy but not everyone hiked Slide - some parked there and hiked Panther, and some just were walking their dogs to C-O trail and we did not see everyone as they either turned around or hiked C-O approach. But indeed, most are not carpooling now. and nothing was even close to being as bad as it was at the Giant ledge parking, with people parking on the road along the hairpin.
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