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Plateau and Sugarloaf 1-8-2021

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  • Plateau and Sugarloaf 1-8-2021

    My route was a “T” originating from the Roaring Kill Trail Parking Area and following the Mink Hollow Trail up to Mink Hollow. I took a right at the intersection with the Devils Path and climbed Plateau first. Then back down Plateau to Mink Hollow and up Sugarloaf. After reaching the summit I retraced my route back down to Mink Hollow and out to the Parking area.

    The hike from the parking area up to the Devils Path can easily be done in Microspikes. I foolishly kept the microspikes on to the summit of Plateau, but by the time I reached the top I knew ice crampons were the tool of choice. Switched into the ice crampons for the descent of Plateau and kept them on for both the climb and descent of Sugarloaf. Switched back to microspikes in Mink Hollow for the hike out.

    Highly recommend ice crampons for both peaks, especially Sugarloaf.

    The other piece of advice I have is about the drive to the trailhead. If you use Elka Park Road for access you will discover the last mile or so is not plowed. There’s only 4 or 5 inches of snow on the road and it is easily navigated with all wheel drive or 4x4. But the better option is instead of taking Elka Park Road, stay on Platte Clove road until you reach Dale Lane (I’m looking at google maps to get the street name). The route in from Dale Lane is plowed all the way into the Parking area.

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    So, you parked here: ?

    You can also park here:
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