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Bearpen and Vly 01/12/2020

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  • Bearpen and Vly 01/12/2020

    Went up bearpen and vly from the south side of Cty 3.
    At least for next few days maybe still bring traction for vly.
    the road up to the cabin junction was nice and bare, no ice or snow and minimal mud.
    there was some snow and hard ice up the herd path to vly in spots, spikes made that section much safer and easier.
    saw a big group from Hudson valley and they all were wearing small traction on the vly spur as well except for one or two.
    from the cabin to bearpen spikes are definitely not necessary on the "normal" route, few inches of soft snow at most up around the summit area, and no significant icing on the herdpath.
    definitely wear your Gore-Tex footwear though, a lot of water was coming right down the snowmobile trails and the puddles in the flats were pretty deep, and plenty of spring-like mud throughout both spurs.
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