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Doubletop 1-2-2020

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  • Doubletop 1-2-2020

    The first peak of the year for our group of four was splendid. The trail register indicated that Doubletop was summited on New Year’s Day so we had footsteps in the hard crunchy snow to follow, making our trip nice and easy on Hillsounds all the way.

    The ice in the trees glistened brightly as we ascended from the north directly into the bright winter sun. The air was crisp and clear and we could easily make out the structure on top of Graham to our right as we climbed.

    We were packing up after our summit lunch near the grey canister when we were joined by mudhook and Margaret who had started later taking a different route. New Year’s greetings and pleasant banter ensued. Getting a bit cold from being idle for so long we headed down. We regrouped when we reached the Seager Trail and hiked out together. All in all a great start to a New Year.

    spike specs: 4 Hillsounds, 1 Kahtoola Microspikes (red), 1 Kahtoola Trail Crampons

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    Nice! Do you notice any differences between the Hillsounds and Kahtoolas? Pluses and minuses?


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      The Hillsounds have the velcro strap which helps keep it on my foot better. They have slightly better teeth, IMO.

      There are quite a few knock-offs (cheaper) on the market now, but I have not tried any yet.
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        Since I had on the red , worn out microspikes I will say that the Hillsounds have longer teeth and grip better. I like the MS better in conditions where there is not as much ice or hard pack and more exposed rocks and ground, they do less damage to the trail. I did wish I had brought both yesterday as I would have worn them once I started the bushwack. The KTC's are similar to the Hillsound s and did well.


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          I’ve used each of the three articles of footwear. The Hillsounds and the Kahtoola Microspikes serve the same function. I prefer the Hillsounds for the reasons TFR mentioned.

          The Kahtoola Trail Crampons are a step up in traction. The Hillsounds comparable item is the Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro. Both have more aggressive teeth and a different binding mechanism. I’ll be trying out the Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro when things get really icy and will report on the experience.


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            Thanks guys


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              I like the hillsounds better than micros.... better spikes, but if nothing else than bc of the Velcro strap that runs across top of foot/ boot.... that prevents them from slipping off..... yes you could buy a velcro strap and add em to your micros, homemade style.

              if you read my report from a few weeks ago called "Blizzard on Hunter," I lost both microspikes on that mountain and didn't even feel them come off.....that's what made me buy Hill sounds. And I had lost Micros once before on Big Indian years ago but noticed and had to go back for them....

              so I upgraded to hill sounds.... soft sticky wet snow tends to suck the microspikes off your boot

              when the ice is real serious I carry kahtoola kts crampons.... $170 worth of chromoly Steel.... for many years we carried only those, and would bare boot it until absolutely necessary to put them on. As they are overkill at times
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                Always good info to know. I've lost micros too and owned/used crampons since the I ask to see/hear whats the latest because new hikers might not ask but should know! Some things are better learned on a forum.