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Fir, Big Indian, Eagle 12-26-2019

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  • Fir, Big Indian, Eagle 12-26-2019

    Working through a winter round, we returned for the Burnham Hollow 3, only 11 days later, but now it’s the winter season. We spotted cars at McKenley Hollow which helps in two ways: a quicker and more pleasant exit route and less cars at Burnham where the snow berm still blocks access to the bare ground of our DEC parking lot. Still seems silly.

    Up we went to Fir, this time with spikes (Hillsounds) on our feet. Along the way seeing bear tracks, bear nests and some snowshoe tracks. We walked in these all the way to 3,000’ where they no longer supported our boots. Snowshoes for the rest of the trip although one hiker dabbled in spikes for the trail section between Big Indian and Eagle.

    On top of Fir and between that peak and Big Indian were all manner of human tracks going this way and that. We used them when convenient and abandoned them when they went wacky. A solo bare booted hiker seemed to have the best line between the peaks and we converted that thin track to a snowshoe channel.

    Only saw a single hiker all day at Big Indian while we were having lunch. He had come up from The Biscuit and would return that way, thinking there wasn’t enough time left to include Fir.

    We hit our new favorite woods road on the way to McKenley taking off the shoes at around 2,200’ and turning on the lamps prior to a 5:15 terminus.

    specs: two pairs of milk crates and four high end Lightning Ascent models. All modern and diminutive in nature.

    WRT: 11/35