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  • Halcott

    We arrived on Wednesday morning to plowed parking on Route 42. Four of us took a trip to the psychedelic orange canister on Halcott Mountain.

    A fun trip up and down on a windless overcast day. The snow got significantly deeper in the steep area above the top of the stream. Slow going up, and a spirited plunge going down.

    There’s a nice snowshoe channel in the lower first half; above that it’s a wider slippin’ and slidin’ mess in places. That’s where the fun was!

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    Followed your wonderful track today.


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      Me too, must have missed ya Mudhook. Nice job picking a good line there Specs!


      • mudhook
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        Saw your car but had to go into Spruceton first.

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      Im bumping this thread back up by complimenting that line, but also instead of a new thread this can be used again for current trail conditions on Halcott and Sleeping Lion.
      Im guessing spec's line was the one I followed this am, that was so much more of an efficient and direct line than I did last march. this am I kept waiting for all the ledges that I hit this winter/spring (to the north of today's line), and they never came, I saw the blue sky through the summit trees with the orange can and couldn't believe it was the top already. Really great line, will definitely remember that one in the future. I was on top before 10 this am, and at that time down low there was enough ground showing that i started with spikes, but i kept them on with the herdpath still being bombproof snowcrete.
      Going off the north of Halcott I followed what I believe was a solo out and back snowsquoosher track to Sleeping Lion, I was chewing it up with spikes a few mins off the summit so I changed over to my milk crates, I was nervously checking my compass being my first time over there and not wanting to drop off either side of the ridge, but whoever did that track did a good job following the ridge around the horn, or should I say....tail. On top of the ridge was starting to get soft late morning, but there was still over 1 to 1/2 ft deep snow for the most part.
      Instead of going back to the col or all the way back to Halcott I just plunge-bombed straight down due south from SL's summit to the main falls drainage, after sliding precariously in my 'squooshers for a bit in the melting snow to start the descent I changed back to spikes and felt a lot safer the rest of the way back to the trailhead. That slope was really rotting snow with a lot of leaves showing already by noon today, and some significant balling on the bottoms of 'shoes and spikes.
      Im guessing even with the warmer day temps that awesome path to Hawkits can will be great snowcrete in the mornings for a little while still at least, with some shade protection from south of the ravine.
      "...don't assume you can't do it...we all make mistakes and sometimes fail. Keep working and learning, and be committed to improving fitness, and there is no limit to what you can do." Joe Bogardus
      "I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all." Ernest Shackleton


      • specs
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        I learned that way up from mudhook, when he let me take over the lead on one of his 3500 Club hikes on winter weekend a few years ago. He offered gentle guidance from behind keeping me going along the favorable route. I’ve gone up more or less that way every time since. We continued on to Sleeping Lion on pretty much the route you describe that day and it was a very pleasant hike.

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      Good conditions for the MSR's, Big SS would have been . Coming off SL the way you did is best with 2' of fresh snow and MSR's that you can glissade in, pure bliss!


      • bikerhiker
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        I got that impression of that area, Tuesday was not ideal for glissading for sure. I brought the kitchen sink including my $10 cheapo pack sled just in case, which unfortunately was definitely not used at all (except to sit on it on snowy rocks). tuesday that slope was a few inches rotting snow at the very most, with coccyx- and ankle-busters all over even when the ground wasn't showing.