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Table, Peekamoose, Long and Rocky from Denning Rd. 3/10/23

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  • Table, Peekamoose, Long and Rocky from Denning Rd. 3/10/23

    Tried to finish my winter Catskills last season, but wore out the right hip on top of Kaaterskill HP last February, replaced in April and then the left one in July, replaced in October and that put a serious crimp in 2022's hiking schedule! Finally got back to it in January and yesterday, needed the four peaks from Denning or it would wait till next year as I'm on call next weekend. Have hiked twice with Russell Ley on 3500 footer club hikes and he was interested in joining as he is working on his 7th single season winter in a row and needed these four. Mike Cady, whom I've met through the 46ers came along for the ride as well. We out and backed these four from Denning Road, not knowing what we would have faced if we bushwhacked down from Lone and Rocky, so we didn't chance it. We knew that the club had two hikes for the six in the past week and that we would have a well-laid out track to follow and it would likely be obvious as there hadn't been much new snow in the week prior. Temps in the 20s to 30s with little wind until later in the day. Spiked to just before 3500 feet and then snowshoes the rest of the day. At times could hike in a tee shirt, but usually a mid layer was also required. The bushwhack wasn't too bad, though I do have a couple of scrapes and my pack and snowshoes picked up some flora and twigs along the way. We saw two campers coming out from Peekamoose LT, but other than that, we saw no one else, the benefit of hiking on a Friday! Water crossings were not an issue as there are several nice bridges over the several branches of the Neversink. We knew snow was on the way, but had thought it would not come till late at night. Well, it started snowing pretty hard at around 3 PM and there were 3 or 4 inches in the parking lot when we got down. Saw two ski tour buses off the road near Frost Valley YMCA and had to help two young people turn their minivan around as it was stuck in the middle of the road by the Panther parking lot! It was a white knuckle drive home! Memories were made!
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    Congrats on your W35 finish. Looks like you had a nice day and good company.


    • gebby
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      I did! Russ and Mike are two of the nicest guys I've met out on the trail!

    • Learning The Trails
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      @doodles Mike is a troublemaker! XD

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    Congrats again Gebby!
    Looked like a perfect day!