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Hunter 9-7-2021

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  • Hunter 9-7-2021

    Hiked Hunter Mountain from Becker Hollow on Tuesday. I'd heard it was very steep but it wasn't bad. There is a lot of slick, loose rock but still very manageable. I wore Vibram Five Fingers the whole way and was more than fine. Steepest part comes when you run into your first signage very close to the top. One way will take you to the scenic lookout and the other to the firetower. Scenic way is steepish and longer (0.6), firetower is moderate and shorter (0.3.) I did the firetower first and then the scenic lookout. Firetower was cool as they are, cab locked and few people hanging around who came from other trailheads. Moved on quickly to the scenic lookout area. Arrived to discover its very not scenic at all. Saw a snake family there though. Couldn't tell you what kind, but one large one and two other small ones all hanging out in the sunbeams. Nothing aggressive at all, hung for a second and left. Descended the scenic lookout trail slowly but without incident. Its is steeper and sketchier than the firetower side for sure. Its hard to call because its so short of a walk but to be honest, I would've skipped it for the risk and next to nothing view. Oh well, now I've seen it. Hiked down the next two or so miles and was back at the car. An uneventful day but a good day nonetheless. In, out, no problemos. Two more towers to go to finish up thr challenge.

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    Are you speaking of this:

    The last time I was there, it was still worth the short walk.
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      Yeah. I'm not discouraging anyone from checking it out. I just personally would have skipped it had I known. Trees were just too tall to see anything really for me. Thats where I saw the snakes though so it made it worth it.


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        Hunter already has a view from the tower so positive thinkers who make up the rules say one is more than enough. Its sad to see so many of the good view point being allowed to grow in.