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Panther 6/7/21

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  • Panther 6/7/21

    A year ago, Richie and I did Kaaterskill and we were back together for another Catskill hike a year to the day. Helping him chip away at the 3500 footers and his girlfriend's son Jeffrey came along as well. Richie and I reconnected on Facebook, being childhood friends years ago in the urban jungle of Queens. Who knew two boys from the city would be back together in the mountains one day! It was HOT. Nice to hike on a Monday though and see maybe a dozen people out there. I'm sure there were many times that just a day or two before. Bugs were buzzing, but not biting. Nothing technical on this hike. Mud in the usual places, but overall, the trail is pretty dry. Spring was weakly flowing, but maybe it's always like that. Views were as usual spectacular and things were blossoming out all over! Along the way, ran in to Jim Bouton's smiling face. Another great day to be out.
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