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3/7/21-Rusk, East Rusk, Hunter, SW Hunter

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  • 3/7/21-Rusk, East Rusk, Hunter, SW Hunter

    Chipping away at the winter peaks and these three bring me to 17/33. Cold, but no wind and bright sun on Sunday and never really felt the chill, sometimes just hiking with my UnderArmour mid layer and sometimes with no gloves! Lots of folks about. Six skiers. Most hikers, a dozen or so, were able to get by with spikes without postholing. I had snowshoes on from the start of the Rusk bushwhack till the road walk back to my car. Parking lot at Spruceton was full at 8 AM and I snagged a spot on the end on the entry way in, but saw an opening by the info sign and moved the car up there to be safer. Ran in to Al Davis with a club group doing just Rusk and fell in with them at the start of the bushwhack. What a wonderful day with clear blue skies! Have done this hike one other time with the club, so first time on my own solo. Followed the blown in tracks over the top of Rusk, set my bearing and headed off. A few sections were really blown in at the start, but otherwise, just helped to establish the trench that someone had clearly been on the day before. Some nice views from the Hunter Tower. Coming down in the sundrenched sections of trail towards Diamond Notch Falls after the Lean To, the trench was loosening up and the snowshoes were helpful as well as on the loose snow heading for SW Hunter. Diamond Notch Falls was still in its frozen glory, but it's starting to shake off winter's grip. Another great day to be out.

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    I hiked the Hunters loop clockwise and saw that same softening up on the section below Geiger Point to the bridge and falls. If you’re hiking just the two peaks it’s better to go counterclockwise and early to catch that section when it’s the hardest. With 50 degree temperatures coming that might not even matter though. It was nice to see Al and his group in the parking lot — great leader!


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      I caught up to Al just before he took his group in the woods to Rusk and tagged along with them for the first section. Went with him on a club trip for Indianhead and Twin a few years ago. I agree. Great leader. I did throw him a bit with my Tubbs snowshoes. They were pretty noisy and he looked back a few times, thinking a group was catching up to us. I said it was because my snowshoes sounded like ten people! :P