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Sherrill, North Dome 3/3/2021

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  • Sherrill, North Dome 3/3/2021

    Just two of us today hiking these peaks out and back from Shaft Road. A beautiful sunny windless winter day. We took the trail-like path along the ravine and headed up to the ridge somewhere in the hemlock forest earlier that we usually do. The going was tough through what is usually the easiest section as it was a hard crust tilted on a side hill angle. Tough on the ankles and it felt like you could slip. When we reached the top of the ridge at about 2,750’ we found a well worn snowshoe track which we traveled in for the rest of the day.

    On the way down Sherrill towards Noth Dome we had a stretch of sticky snow syndrome. Interestingly and thankfully, on our return the snow had hardened back up. But for the most part it was a very pleasant journey on a very nice track. We encountered a group of four and a solo hiker, each hiking a traverse from the Devils Path to Shaft Road but otherwise had the mountains to ourselves.

    On the return, we stayed with the established track on the ridge down from Sherrill which led right to where we had crossed the stream earlier. We wondered how it was that we missed seeing the track going up to the ridge in the morning. I’m not sure if we would have taken it though, being so used to traveling the low road.

    specs: tea and a muffin on Sherrill; lunch on the Dome.

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    Nice. We missed you by a few days; we were there on Sunday. That trench meanders quite a bit up high on Sherrill, but it's efficient.


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      Exactly what we were thinking about the track on the Shaft side of Sherrill. There were a set of individual snowshoe tracks that stayed up on the ridge that were tempting but we stayed with the established highway.