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  • KHP

    What a great day today partly cloudy for the most part and just comfortable enough for hiking. I forgot how rocky that hike was. And there was plenty of mud and water on the trail. 2 blow downs but easy enough to get around. And thank god no bugs flying in my face todayWe have not hiked this trail in a very long time. But it was worth it. My purpose was to sign in the canister and I did. But I am not sure who to notify that the book is full. I am curious as to what happened to the piece of plane that was at the summit. It has been great getting back into hiking again I have done hunter and whittenburgh and balsam lake fire tower again they were all great. Looking forward to many more. It has been so long since I completed my regular and winter season. Take care and happy hiking to you all

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    mudhook has been notified.

    When you say 'rocky', I assume you mean the herd path, which has been getting more and more rugged over time, it not being a maintained trail.

    As for wreckage at the top, there have been various pieces over the years, including what appeared to be the crank shaft!
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      Whats KHP?


      • Bunchberry
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        Its an abbreviation.

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      Yes the herd path it’s crazy and with the rain from the night before it was very muddy and the rocks were shifting under our feet and the water was running pretty steady. The last time we did this it was winter and a lot of snow and ice. But overall I enjoyed the hike


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        Kho stands for
        Kaaterskill high peak.


        • Old Hunter
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          Thank you, much appreciated.

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        mudhook has been notified. Must be the other Mudhook. I almost went there yesterday and again today, so maybe I'll go tomorrow. Glad to see you back Mountain Hock


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          Thanks for the heads up Mountain Hock, I took care of it today via a wet trip up from Gillespie Rd. Water and mud, but the views were good.