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    has been a few months since I've been out
    me and two buddies
    low 60s maybe in the 50s up top
    beautiful day and just great to be out
    this was my third time on both of those mountains
    first time without deep snow
    one time I went years ago was one of the coldest hikes I've ever done in the Catskills. On V & B was below zero with a negative 25 or 30 wind chill. That was a wild day

    anyway I was surprised to see that a herd path goes directly from the Hunter's cabin to the Vly can. I thought that it was a true bushwhack but having only been there with deep snow did not know this. I didn't really care, but I was just surprised. I didn't expect it. In the winter we used the blue boundary paint as a handrail and the herd path pretty much followed those closely

    a few people out but not many. Trails were in good shape. Helinox chairs and a beverage on Bearpen. Bugs were slightly annoying on the Bearpen summit. I got a few bites, but I didn't bother with the headnet.

    a relaxing and easy to moderate day with two friends I haven't seen much of in the past 3 months. We tried to find a swimming hole afterwards and did a little driving around which we tend to do in the summertime but eventually threw in the towel due to shallow streams, posted signs, and it not being that hot.

    Was a good day. The 3 of us hiked at a relaxed pace, shot the breeze, and had a few laughs.
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    The herd path has been there for at least 20 years. The blue (and formerly state yellow) blazes make a convenient 'path'.
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