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Sugarloaf & Plateau, Monday, 3/9

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  • Sugarloaf & Plateau, Monday, 3/9

    Ice, Ice, and more Ice on both sides of Sugarloaf. Pretty much continuous on the west side, then down quite a distance on the east. But don't be fooled when the ice and snow peter out about halfway down, because there's more to come. We used spikes up Plateau, but crampons down, and then up Sugarloaf and down till the bare ground faked us out. Needed them again lower down! From the Sugarloaf/Twin col down Pecoy Notch trail, spikes were enough; the ice does peter out after the stream crossing and after the quarry there is very little. Be careful up there!!!

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    Thanks, I know a lot of people have been counting on the east side to do Sugarloaf, thinking spikes would be enough. And this rain should really make it slick.


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      I don't like the part about suggesting to keep spikes on through a dry part. If getting faked out is what is needed to bend over and do the right thing, then by all means, get faked out.
      I might be kidding...