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Balsam Cap and Friday

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  • Balsam Cap and Friday

    Started from Moonhaw rd in spikes up the old logging trail. This was a steep hike, I was pooped by the time I reached Friday's canister. About 5 people or so already there. Snowshoes needed higher up. Snow is crunchy on top, soft below. I scraped up my shins on the hard crust a couple times, have some nice bruises now. Beautiful wind. Ran into a fellow hiker i follow on the Catskills page, so glad I did as I was about to nix going to BC as I was tired and it was 2:30pm already. I ate a little something and he let me tag along for which I'm so grateful. I did not want to re-hike that. The walk from Fri to Bc was glad I didn't quit. Started at 11ish in the am..back to car just before 6pm. No cliffs or real ice to deal with...used spike and snowshoes...great day. Only 6 more to go for my W..Safe hiking all!