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  • Sherrill Mountain

    Eric and I started out for a walk today and thank god we were prepared for a real hike. We started out on spruceton road and ended up going to sherrill. It was a beautiful day some flurries on and off then some sun. We bare booted most of the hike but as we got near the summit at about 3200 feet it was getting a little deep but not enough for snow shoes. And apparently other people agreed as I saw some old post hole tracks. As we got closer to the summit there was a lot of fresh tracks I think it was from the group that went up from shaft road. We were going to do that route last week but eric had an accident near the stream and slipped on the ice twice and went in the stream. Not good. And I forgot his extra boots. So I am glad we went the way we did today. Hope to be out again next week. I would like to hike to evergreen mountain has anyone done this hike before? Hope you all have a great week. Happy Hiking to you all.

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    We climbed North Dome & Sherrill yesterday too. We started from the fisherman's lot and thru-hiked to our spotted car at Shaft. On the way to Sherrill, we met 3 guys heading from Sherrill towards North Dome. Regarding Evergreen, yes. A few years ago we hiked Rusk, Evergreen, and Pine Island. A few months later we climbed Pine Island and Packsaddle. Lots of old woods roads. There is newish parcel of DEP land (I think) on the north side with access off Rt 23A. Or you can just climb Evergreen from the trailhead you were at, (Devil's Path terminus). I haven't gone that way, but it looks like it might be fun.


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      Thank you for the information maybe next we will give it a try have a great day


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        The trip from Rusk to Evergreen is especially nice in the spring when the flowers are blooming. You can either do it as an over and back, or cut down to the DP as the gang stated.


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          Thanks for the great info maybe I will wait.