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North Dome, Sunday 19 Jan. 2020

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  • North Dome, Sunday 19 Jan. 2020

    My friend Jim, who's working on the Catskill list, asked me to join him in a hike up North Dome on Saturday. I agreed, so that was the plan, until it became clear that we would be driving in heavy snow on Saturday, so we switched it to Sunday. About three inches fell on Saturday. At least there was about that much on the ground on Sunday, and apparently it had been mostly bare before Saturday.

    When we got to the trailhead, the one on Spruceton Road, two other guys, whose names we eventually discovered were Mike and Jesse, were also gearing up to climb North Dome. Jim and I broke trail on the Devil's Path to the second time it comes close to the brook, which was what my beta said was the best point to start the bushwhack up North Dome. Around that time Mike and Jesse caught up with us, and the four of us ended up staying together for the rest of the hike.

    It wasn't very cold at all, but it did start snowing during our ascent, for a while pretty heavily.

    I had been on North Dome before, but from the west. Mike had been there from the east before, but not for several years. Still, with our maps and compasses and GPSes we didn't have any trouble finding the summit. We took turns breaking trail up, first very steeply to the ridge, working our way around ledges, and then more easily up the ridge to the summit. Then we followed our tracks down.

    We didn't see any other hikers, but when we got back to the Devil's Path we saw tracks going to St. Anne, although there were no other cars at the trailhead when we got there.

    I think Jim has six more peaks left on the Catskill 35 list.

    Here are the pictures.



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