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Mt. Tremper Headlamp Hiking 1/18/2020

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  • Mt. Tremper Headlamp Hiking 1/18/2020

    Some friends and I decided to enjoy the long holiday weekend with some Catskill hiking. We traveled north on Saturday morning and dropped off our groceries for the weekend at the farmhouse we rented in Allaben. Hankering for a hike, we opted for a 2pm start at Mt. Tremper, with headlamps in our pockets in anticipation of the 5pm sunset. We did this hike before the snowfall on Saturday/Sunday, so trail conditions have probably changed.

    Ours was the only car in the parking lot, which was clear and not at all icy. At first, the trail was mostly leaves and rocks, with occasional icy spots that could be navigated with bare boots and careful stepping. At about the 1 mile mark we put on our traction (Hillsounds and Microspikes) because it became quite slippery with a light layer of snow covering some steep, icy sections. After about an hour, it began to lightly flurry. We moved a bit slow but steady, taking time to enjoy the fascinating rock formations and peaceful pines. From around 2000 feet on up, there was enough snow to cover the notoriously rocky trail, but not enough yet for snowshoes.

    It started snowing more steadily as we approached the summit around 3:50pm. We paused at the upper lean-to for a quick snack and to put on our warm, puffy jackets. We left our packs at the shelter and climbed up to the tower. The cab was locked and the snow obscured any possible views, but it was still a lovely spot. After a few minutes on the tower, we returned to the lean-to and adjusted our layers for the descent and impending sunset.

    We left the shelter around 4:10pm and the hike back down was extremely pleasant, with the new snow providing some extra cushioning for our feet. We put on our headlamps about an hour later and hiked the last 35 minutes by headlamp. It was wonderful! The falling snow created a magical atmosphere when illuminated by our narrow beams of light. The trail was fairly easy to follow, with only one or two spots a bit tricky to find the blazes. Back at the car, we decided to finish an excellent day with a visit to Woodstock Brewing for dinner, before heading "home" to Allaben, where the fun continued with several games of Codenames.

    I'll try to post a few photos if I get the chance.
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