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  • KHP

    Started out later in the day. Wore mirospikes the entire way, not enough base for snowshoes except maybe before the climb up where wind drifted snow over the trail. Many rocks and branches still visible through the snow. Couple of trees down across the snowmobile trail that need clearing. Only met one other person out today. This fella took the left by the old indian camp and told me he went up some steep rocks "he probably shouldn't have being by himself". I found his track and opted for the longer way around to come up the North side. Didn't realize the ice, made it up in spikes...carefully..opted to put on trail crampons for more bite on way down. I did not stop at plane crash sites or hurricane ledge...daylight was getting short and I wanted to be back down safe before dark. I signed in and took a few pics at a clearing in the way back down. Made it back to the parking lot at 5:29pm...just as it was getting too dark to see. Nice and quiet day overall. Many people on this trail over the last few days....trail very visible to top. Lots of animals tracks..deer, rabbits, coyote....only animals i saw were 2 grouse i spooked from their hiding spot up near the canister. Safe hiking all