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  • East rusk to rusk

    What a beautiful day to hike. Eric and I are at it again. We hiked up to the turn off for east rusk.ran into multiple groups of people coming down the trail. Some at least said hello but most of the other groups just looked down and did not bother to say hello. They also walked so you had to wait for them to get by you.and that’s a pretty wide trailThis was my first trip to East Rusk and I loved it. It was pretty wet and some snow near the summit. We had a snack and headed to rusk. It was fun looking for the canister as it has been at least 5 years since we have been their. As we headed back to the p.a. It was pretty wet. I was so shocked when we came to 2 very well defined herd paths. It has been very busy there over the years that’s for spikes or snowshoes were needed. Happy hiking to you all