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Sunday Snowstorm on Plateau

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  • Sunday Snowstorm on Plateau

    We were back in action on Sunday. This time I was with my most regular hiking partner. Last week on Hunter mountain, I was with a different friend. When we came home and sent him some pics, he knew he missed out on a good hike with snowfall. This past Monday he asked me to please make it snow for the upcoming Sunday, as we knew we were going. Lets just say, I delivered….

    When we see a Winter Storm Warning on the news, we hop in the car and drive towards the storm, not away from it. Lol.

    Plateau from Notch Inn Rd….Out and back. Saw no one all day except 2 locals walking their dog on Notch Inn Rd.

    Saw some animal tracks half way up which I thought were bobcat. Or coyote. Or fox? I’m no expert, but we leaned towards bobcat. Funny thing was I was just mentioning how like 6 years ago I saw tracks and thought they were bobcat on the same hike, and then within a minute, we saw the tracks.

    A nice route I did some years ago in deep snow….Sunday, was bare boots to the top. We had a beer each up there with some food. A swig or two of some spirits. That’s when it started to snow hard. We were up top from 1230-130. We had our down jackets on, heavy gloves and balaclavas. It was in the teens up there. We had our little picnic in a snowstorm with our crackers, cheese, and meats cut up right on the ground in the middle of the trail. Every piece of Italian dry salami I ate, was covered with fresh snow.

    We cleaned up and slapped Hillsounds on. It was collecting fast and descent would be slippery. These flakes early on were very small and it was blustery up there. Snow was beginning to blow in our faces. I had my balaclava up to my eyes with hood up.

    Last Sunday on Hunter, the snowflakes were fatter, it was less windy and the temps were balmier.

    We were having a great time! We love it. We got back to that great lookout on the blue trail and stood on the ledge. The snow was blowing upward. Looked like the snow was falling upside down from the ground up to the sky and at us. I guess wind was funneling it up and over the top of that ridge.

    We took our time. My buddy has had some heel and plantar fasciitis problems so he was moving slow, which wasn’t a problem. We were there to enjoy the beautiful weather. We took pics and laughed and again were amazed at how hard it was snowing. Maybe 3-4 inches collected during our time on the mountain.

    Done at 430. We degeared and chatted with a local walking his dog. Snow was even heavier now with fatter flakes.

    Car ride home was a white knuckle affair. My pal drove so he had a tougher ride than me. Took us 3.5 hours. Many cars in ditches and guardrails on the NY Thruway. I think we counted 8. We did 30-40mph the whole way and made it home alive. We saw our weather apps were saying 18-24 inches additionally today for Elka Park and other areas of Catskills. Did you guys get that amount?

    Hiking is a great stress-reliever. I have relieved my stress two Sundays in a row now….. in snowstorms. A great early start to the coming winter season….
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    This could be a DEC rescue report... not something I'd be bragging about.


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      Nice report


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        Thank you, Old Hunter

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      Originally posted by dundee View Post
      This could be a DEC rescue report... not something I'd be bragging about.
      It sounds like the driving was the worst part... ??

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