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Doubletop from Seager 5-25-2019

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  • Doubletop from Seager 5-25-2019

    Doesn't seem to be much recent about DT on the site so figured I'd post a quick, if rare (for me) trip report. First thing; this was my 2nd visit to the Gould estate property, and as with the prior visit (to Graham), I did not receive a return call on my request for permission to access (I only mention this as older reports seem to be mixed as to receiving a callback or not).

    I always get a bit nervous about navigation leading up to these "trailess" hikes, but with a bit of research on catskillmountaineer and a look at the map, it is a very straightforward hike. The walk along dry brook is gorgeous. Trail and herdpath were both essentially dry, though the flatiron brook crossing just prior to the turnoff for the herdpath just about pushed my limit for a dry-foot rock-hop.

    I had to be in Queensbury by mid-afternoon so an early start and thruway breakfast had me feeling sluggish, but I made decent time for my current physical status (sub-4 hour RT). Could not have asked for a better morning to be out, weather-wise. Also really enjoyed the footing, terrain and scenery through the still-leafing-out hardwoods nearly to the summit. Enjoyed significantly less, the periodic & idiotic arrows scored into rocks along the path. The pure hubris that it takes to believe others need you to leave navigational signs for them aside...they seemed to be located along the most obvious sections of path, so that in addition to being foolish graffiti, they were also useless as navigational aides.

    Aside from a lone dog-walker that passed me as I was signing in, I saw no one else until descending, at which point I did see several groups headed up, including apparently one of 12 which must have been a bit spread out when I crossed them. Also managed to temporarily lose the path on the way down a couple times. Easily and quickly remedied in both cases, but the rock-scratching volunteer's markings were no help
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    I have seen those arrows and wondered why. Same as the Doubletop written on the canister. Kind of spoils it for others. Its a nice hike, an easy to combine with other peaks or as a quick single.


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      Thanks for the report. It has been a bit quiet!
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