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Plateau 4-16-2019

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  • Plateau 4-16-2019

    Did the loop from Notch Lake to Notch Inn Rd. Was about 1300 ft of elevation from parking to the lookout in about 1.2 mi. Beautiful clear views to the west from this lookout. The cold front dried the air and brought really strong west to northwest winds. Sunny though and very pleasant at the second lookout facing north where we were sheltered from the wind. Nice day for pictures and the walk across the summit ridge was magical. The bright sunlight filtering through the spruce trees and falling on the snowy path made a great scene that pictures can't replicate but can only be enjoyed "in the moment". Speaking of snow, we found the ice on the ascent avoidable, but on the ridge there was ice where the puddles usually are and later, packed snow and a hard icy center to the trail. We used spikes the rest of the time. After enjoying a snack break at the third lookout, we stopped at the junction at the center of the ridge and discussed Spruce Top and the fact that there is a tower there. Next we went to the Plateau (boring) peak and to the lookout over Mink Hollow where we had lunch. On the way there we saw the most monorail looking monorail that is worth a picture Click image for larger version  Name:	Plateau Monorail.jpg Views:	49 Size:	20.2 KB ID:	496501 . It was a long break stretched out on the rock in the sun - bundled up enough for the cold. Three more nice lookouts on the way down to Silver Hollow Notch through a forest where you'd expect to see leprechauns. Snow was an issue through the small col and we slogged through on the slight uphill. Snow and ice continued until about 3000 feet which is a long way on that trail because it just doesn't descend until near the end. Water was running and wet leaves covered mud on the washed out woods road down to the road. General comment: the reports of winter conditions in the Catskills being over are premature (at least for this mountain)...

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    Same for southern peaks, very deceiving with spring/summer conditions at trailhead. Right about noon yesterday I was looking at plateau from peekamoose's summit viewpoint. Very windy. Quite the monorail on that trail too making spikes pretty much necessary still above 3500, and went to my pelvis in pockets of snow on the way over to Rocky.
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      MrMagoo, can you tell me more please about the Spruce Top tower? Also, at some point, I could have sworn I saw on one of the older maps that there's herd path from the DP to Spruce (maintained by Elka Park), but isn't the summit private? or is it no longer the case?
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        Sprucetop is very private, and forum rules do not allow trip reports or information sharing in public. Please keep this confined to PM's or E mail. Thanks.


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