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Big Indian and Fir, 3/24/19

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  • Big Indian and Fir, 3/24/19

    We (party of four) hiked from Rt. 47 on the Pine Hill-West Branch trail. We wore spikes until we crossed Biscuit Brook, then switched to snowshoes for the climb up to Big Indian. The snow was increasingly deep and loose, with only bareboot tracks in what became at least a foot of snow in the upper reaches. There was so much snow on the ridge that we missed the herd path (clearly no one had been up it since the snow storm) and so bushwhacked to the canister. No one else had signed in since 3/20, and there were no tracks at the clearing. We then bushwhacked to Fir, breaking trail all the way to its summit. When we crossed the land bridge, we saw no other track but our own. At the canister on Fir, there was a well-beaten track, which we followed down to the main trail. We could see that lots of folks had come and gone along there since our morning hike in, and the snow was melting in the warm temps. Many thanks to Steve E. and Marv for navigation.

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    Tigers and Lions and Bears, Oh My. I take it Tonda was with you?


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      Yes, she was. And Steve E. and Marv F. Sorry we missed you and Margaret, but the trail-breaking slowed us down.


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        It slowed us down also and made the decision not to head for BI easy. Otherwise we would have met you midway and we all would have been happy with the tracks.


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          That would have been very cool! Oh well....