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Eagle 2/10/2019

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  • Eagle 2/10/2019

    Two of us returned to the last third of our previous Saturday’s loop for an easy up and back stroll to Eagle from Burnham Hollow on a sunny windless day.

    What a difference a week makes, as most of the trip was on bare ground. When we got further up on the ridge we found various tracks of the bootsie variety frozen in crusty snow. I’d guess they originated from McKenley Hollow. We avoided these as they were frozen and trippy and we were able to walk easily on crust just about anywhere. This led us to the left (south) side of the ridge where we had some really nice views of the mountains around the hollow and Slide a little further on.

    We met a group of three hikers on the way up and waved as they proceeded ahead of us on the middle of the ridge. When we joined them at the summit we learned they had come up from McKenley and were heading to Balsam next to complete a two peak loop. We invited them to join us for a six peak traverse later in the month and I hope they take us up on it.

    On the way down we walked in an unmolested segment of our week old snowshoe track. Oh, what easy footing! For me it was interesting to try and piece together the week long history of travel on that ridge by looking at clues in the remaining snow. Tuesday it will be covered with a new dose of the fluffy stuff and we’ll start the cycle again.

    specs: 5.9 miles, 1,950’ ascent in about 6 hours
    snowshoe specs: 1 MSR Lightning Ascent (testing repaired binding attachment which failed after about twenty paces)

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    We whacked Eagle from McKenley Hollow 2 weeks ago and wore the snowshoes curious if the tracks could have been ours?
    46/46 as of August 1st, 2014!


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      Probably not, since the tracks we saw were more recent than our week old snowshoe track and were the chunky bare boot type. Maybe they walked over yours though and transformed them in the process. That ridge is a great way up to Eagle though.