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Indian Head, Twin 2/7/2019

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  • Indian Head, Twin 2/7/2019

    It was one of those hikes where the day turns out to be much better than the forecast. No precipitation at all, early fog and low clouds with occasional clear blue skies above. A party of two, we started in bare boots on a mix of hard pack and ice with a few bare rocks poking through. The water crossing was an ice bridge that’s deteriorating rapidly. We broke through here and there, especially on the return. Shortly after crossing, we put on the Hillsounds. These were swapped for snowshoes at 2,700’ where the Jimmy Dolan trail begins to pitch upward.

    Above there, the snow is deep and softening rapidly and snowshoes are essential. The trail is in good shape though, nicely packed down. It looks like previous travelers wore snowshoes or passed by when it was still solid.

    We opted for Indian Head first. Both ascents had icy sections: yellowish softer ice with water running across the surface that was easy going and occasional solid stuff that was tricky in snowshoes. Nothing so bad that would necessitate switching back to spikes or deploying the rope.

    While descending the Jimmy Dolan it was getting a bit slippery and slushy with lots of water running across the trail. It should freeze up nicely for the weekend.

    specs: 6.89 miles and 2,125’ ascent in just under six hours
    snowshoe specs: 2 MSR EVO (one w/o heel bar)

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    Think it might get icy?


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      It might. Someone called mudhook had an icy trip a few weeks ago. May happen again.