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Sherrill and North Dome 1-27-2019

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  • Sherrill and North Dome 1-27-2019

    Took the overflow from Saturday's Winter Weekend hike to the same mountains and ended up with the max of 12, all good hikers, some old friends and the rest new friends. Started from Shaft Rd and didn't risk the water crossing so we walked down Rte 42 until we passed the culvert and then went straight up a bank to (finally) some almost level ground and the path up the ridge. Saw tracks going perpendicular, so we skipped them and snowshoed in some shallow snow, maybe 6" to drifts of a foot. Didn't find much ice on the bushwhack but at about 2500 feet we recrossed Saturday's tracks and followed them pretty much across Sherrill and on to North Dome. It was just easier. We passed 2 groups of 2 in the col. Had very windy conditions most of the way and I could feel windburn on my face. Very short summit breaks. Very deep snow after North Dome, including some spruce traps! Congratulations to Paul who got the last 2 peaks for his winter 35! After North Dome the tracks to where we wanted to go were obliterated by wind and snow so we followed some other tracks in the wrong direction for a while. It was great going for a while and even greater going when we retraced each one of our steps and tried again. Hey, I'm Magoo, right? Very wintry conditions for a great Winter Weekend hike...