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Hunter Mt 1-25-19

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  • Hunter Mt 1-25-19

    Another 4K day for me. The closest PA for a 4K from home is Hunter; though Becker Hollow is closer, I decided on Devils Tombstone instead. The clincher for choosing Hunter was a nice weather forecast. And I wasn't disappointed at all.

    The register had just two signing in recently. On 1-9 and 1-22. The hiker on 1-22 was a great benefit to me as the tracks left behind were firm. Off the track thin crust over snow. Maximum depth about 4-1/2 inches that seemed pretty consistent after a base of snow developed. Down low the snow was pretty thin but I wore snowshoes start to finish anyway. Still lots of water running off the mountain easily avoidable on the steeps but less avoidable on the more level places on the climb to the Jct for trail to Hunter. I felt the trail to Hunter (1.7 mi) was more labor than the 2.1 miles to the Jct because thin cover over crusty snow gutted by running water. Didn't see any tracks from Spruceton but could have been covered by drifted snow. Saw tracks on the route from Becker Hollow and two vehicles at the Becker Hollow PA on the drive home.

    At the summit snow was thin. Tower had been cleaned up by the rain leaving just a little rime ice. With little wind climbing the tower was an easy choice. I'd not climbed this tower since the refurbishing but can say I liked it. I don't particularly like the heights but somehow the look and feel of the work on the tower left me feeling secure.

    Back at the PA I talked to two guys that had had a look at ice climbing but didn't find good ice. I suppose it'll take several days to recover from the warm rains.


    P.S. Editorial. The last two times I'd climbed Hunter there was water. I notice that the register was relocated so that where it stands you have to work at avoiding standing in running water in order to register. GO FIGURE. I guess who decided the location decided during dry weather. How much different would have it been to put the register before crossing the bridge!

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    Thanks. Reliable reports are hard to find and valuable for those of us who are leading hikes on Winter Weekend...


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    Different down the range today, icier, but not bad. Glad you had some views. Every time I got to a ledge , it snowed or clouded up. Registers seem to be a problem : they move them here and there, people can't find them, they are falling apart, set in streams, behind kiosks. Almost like they don't want them signed.


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      Thanks for the report, Don. I'll be there tomorrow, approaching from Spruceton with 2 friends.
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        Hi Don. I hiked Hunter yesterday from Becker Hollow. Took the wife to the cabin for lunch as we were there around noon. Saw 2 other hikers heading to SW Hunter. We had lunch and then headed over to SW Hunter and the duo that we passed were waiting for us at the leanto. The trail was not broken from the last snow so I broke trail from the leanto to the canister. It had a nice new book inside. We went down the devils path and needed crampons for the final frozen mess near the water falls. We had 2 cars so no road walk. It was a great day to be out and sorry we missed. Last time I saw you your snowshoe had broken in the adds and you were hiking back to get a new one