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  • Nivek
    commented on 's reply
    Don't stray far right coming off of Fir! God forbid you find it and go in. Hopefully you packed a deck of cards for solitaire. Might be awhile.....

  • MrMagoo
    A rock crevasse! Hope I never find it, we don't typically rope together in the Cats...

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  • Nivek
    commented on 's reply
    If he catches it, he will have an extra fun time at Arts & Crafts

  • mudhook
    That ridge is famous for pulling you off to the right, it happens to the best of us. Many have been sucked into that drainage. As for the beer, just think of the look of wonder on some kids face down at the YMCA camp when that beer floats by.

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  • Nivek
    started a topic Fir from the Biscuit

    Fir from the Biscuit

    late report here
    this past Sunday we went
    early wake up and jump
    start walking at 7:50
    snowed on us all day. Mostly lightly, sometimes a little heavier. snow squalls blowing in. Stopped once or twice but snowed 90% of time
    this was my 3rd Sunday in a row in the Catskills. Lucky me......
    this was the coldest of the 3. Not killer but colder and windier especially up higher
    very rocky trail to start, not a fave I guess
    we used a map with a compass Sunday to practice a bit. Usually just the map and our familiarity is enough, with a GPS type phone app as safety net on bushwhacks.
    Credit to my friend mostly we shot a straight line right to can
    easy way up
    hooked a Ricky after trail junc by shelter
    made our way up
    snowing, pretty
    signed in, got chilled, didn't hang
    on way down we accidentally veered too far to right and were way off
    amazing how the forest can push you one way or the other when trying to find path of least resistance
    we knew we were off bc we started running into rock bands, head walls and steep sections
    we kept at it, picking our way down
    eventually we peeked at phone and of course it confirmed what we knew. We were too far right
    time to start correcting

    one unusual thing we saw was a crevice/ hole in the ground when we were too far right
    big enough for an adult to fall through but not not big enough to be super noticeable until you're right near it, you know....
    we didn't dig our headlamps out to shine a light but it looked deep
    scary to think of someone bushwalking who falls in and can't get out especially if solo.....
    plus we were off the line we ran to ascend Fir so we probably were not in area of most popular way up
    there was a few inches of hardpack but you could see hole. A few more inches and it might get covered.
    some solo guy comes walking and bang!....... your in it
    it would be hard for people to hear you, plus you're off the beaten bushwhack route if there is such a thing for Fir
    could be a long time before somebody walks by that hole...... Scary thought
    never saw something quite like that.....

    ok, we corrected, descended, and hit stream
    we set up our Helinox chairs when we hit lean to
    climbed down embankment and set up chairs on a flat rock
    it began snowing
    i didn't know it but my buddy wedged his one beer can between 2 rocks in the stream to keep it cold and set up chair
    he turned around after 2 minutes and it was gone
    oh crap! He crossed stream and started running down it, hoping it would get hung up on something. Not! It was a goner unfortunately
    a full unopened 16 oz Carlsberg beer
    it was a hard lesson learned for him
    i said I'll bet you never make that mistake again.....
    I felt bad but he had a laugh
    i had a beer and he had nothing
    obviously we would never litter in woods, but crap happens. We felt bad about the can, but Mother Nature drank it
    if anyone finds it, drink it down before the winter freezes it and explodes it
    we've been bringing meat and cheese and one beer on our dayhikes lately..... It's becoming a habit
    i seem to be gaining weight from hikes, not losing it. Lol
    a good day
    done at 2 or 230

    by the way, we wore microspikes for bushwhack portion
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