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  • Windham High peak

    Started late..decided for a shorter hike. Started from Peck rd lot. Did great up and back in 3 1\2 hrs .That's gotta be a record for me! Anyway....still very little snow. The logging road up was either rock, mud or ice. Was able to dance around it. The hike was uneventful...very quiet.....was the only one logged in for today. Carried micro spikes....I chose to use them on the way down as there was icy conditions up top. Removed them once back in the woods again. Glad I didn't start from The other direction...looked pretty icy. The views were great...hazy sun with clouds moving in. Overall was a nice day to be out. Drove past Windham ski area...making snow like crazy!...what a crazy year without snow so far eh? Making the trekking a bit easier without snowshoes to Safe hiking all!

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    Glad you wore spikes on the way down. I led a hike there several years ago, and one fellow declined my offer to loan him some spikes. He slipped and fell on an icy rock, and went down hard on his a$$. The rock was pitched slightly, so he slid off it and went down off the edge, about 3 feet, and landed hard again! OUCH! After that he was more willing to talk about traction aids...
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      That pitch is the exact reason I wore them....I didn't want to fly off the edge or fall and break anything. Always extra careful when i'm alone....getting too old to be careless.