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  • David Leone
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    Where's the snow? Just like Balsam Cap on 12/25/15 felt like early fall. aah! climate change! You have to go to the Whites this time of year.

  • Nivek
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    Yes, they seemed to be coming up East Rusk and then over to Rusk. Where we tagged Rusk first and then went to East. We asked them if we were close to summit ( meaning East R). They're like like no you're way off- Rusk is that way..... We tell them we just came from Rusk. Looking for top of East. So they either didn't know about East or didn't care.

    Bbq I've eaten 6-8 times. I get a pulled pork or bbq sandwich usually and a beer or soda. Worthy. Then again, hunger is the best sauce.....
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  • LeftRightLeft
    Nice, I was on Rusk and (most of) E Rusk on Sunday, too. We started pretty early and ran into one group as well, probably the same guys - they were coming up E Rusk when we met them. We basically took the path of least elevation change from Rusk to the high point on Horse Trail, ended up being a really nice hike.

    How was the bbq? Driven by it who knows how many times but never stopped in.

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  • Nivek
    commented on 's reply
    Haha. Sounds good Mudhook. Are they open 7 days a week?

  • mudhook
    You would think it would be the "Rusk Mt. Brewery" with a trail leading to the canister from the bar. Some week ends they do have a food truck vender there. And its been great for doing thru hikes with out a car spot, every one going to or coming from the brewery wants to pick you up

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  • Nivek
    started a topic Rusk & East Rusk

    Rusk & East Rusk

    boy, I needed this
    first time out in 2 months on Sunday
    mild conditions for winter
    bluebird skies, sunny, 30 degrees
    on Rusk once 6 or 7 years ago
    hairpin turn. Whacked up on left of big stream.
    stayed left a little more to avoid wet areas
    1 hour 40 to the can maybe
    put microspikes on for ridge traverse to East Rusk
    some hard packed snow up high
    rain/ warm temps on Friday must have wiped a lot of snow out
    saw one group of guys the whole day
    whacked off of East Rusk down to blue trail
    climbed up to John Robb and hung a bit
    out on trail back to Spruceton Rd
    snowshoes & crampons stayed in car
    stopped at WestKill Brewery hoping they had food but really just snacks like pretzels and cheese
    not enough for 3 hungry Jersey boys
    would have loved to have tried the beer but we were starving
    hit hickory bbq before the Thruway
    felt great to be out walking in the Catskills again

    Merry Christmas to all
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