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    When researching the Huckleberry Loop hike in Catskills recently, I noticed that there was very limited information on-line. I only found old trip reports from several years ago and no pics at all. Anyway, I figured I would help out future hikers of the loop with a video for reference. Future viewers take was easy going in November when the overgrowth was down. I can see where certain areas may be much more overgrown and more difficult to follow due to limited markings when hiked in the summer.

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    A nice hike. I call it the bog loop. Some of them are the oldest in the cats( over 7000 years). Its sometimes more like a bush wack, the unprepared get lost and there have been a couple search and rescues this season.
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      As Phil Rizzuto would probably have said "oh those hills are filled with Huckleberries!". Nice video Jeff O!
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        The ADK Guidebook 'Catskill Trails' has a write up on this trail. Thanks for the post!
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