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Hunter 11-27-18

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  • Hunter 11-27-18

    Had to do a hike today, a 4000'er, a NE111, for a list I'm working on. Figured South from Albany area would be better than North today.

    All the way where there was snow, the snow was clinging on the branches of the trees it was very pretty.

    Climbed from Devils Tombstone. Last group signed in on the 23rd. There was about 2" of wet snow in the parking area.

    Start of the climb was a bit sketchy with running water and no snow on the trail. Some snow off the trail which helped since I was wearing snowshoes....I wore them start to finish.

    Where switchbacks start (in the pines) the snow got very good. The climb was about 1/2 hour slower than without snow due to the snow and because there were lots of beech slumped over the trail. It took more time whacking trees in my path to knock the snow off and avoid snow bombs..

    Snow depth on trail was 6-12" getting deeper with elevation, 21" off trail at the higher elevations the couple times I checked. As the trail leveled off above Devil's Acre there were also some small drifts. At the tower about 15" of snow where I checked near the picnic tables. Temperature on the summit at 12:30 about 24F. No views today, socked in. I was sweating pretty good so I only put on gloves and started back pretty much immediately.

    Passed another hiker on the return who was bare booting up from Spruceton Road.

    After the junction and I'd reclimbed a bit and started the long downhill it was really nice with the snow and soft landings.

    It's winter out there three weeks early.


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    Did you shoot the barebooter?


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      Originally posted by dundee View Post
      Did you shoot the barebooter?
      I'm sure bare booters are aware I look them over.

      Some day they'll get the idea and put on snowshoes.

      I figured this hiker wasn't at a loss of money to buy snowshoes. Was wearing Arcteryx.